2020 Published

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1 Knowledge on Nurse led CAM therapy among women with gynecological cancer Prof., Mrs. V. Jayanthi, Dr. Indira. S and Mrs. Budda Kavitha 03 Click Here
2 A Study to Assess the Effectiveness of Structured Teaching Programme Regarding Knowledge on Prevention of Lung Cancer among Male Adolescents in Selected Colleges of Guntur District, Andhra Pradesh Asst. Prof., Mrs. J. Anusha 07 Click Here
3 Effectiveness of vat on knowledge regarding BSE among women between 15-30 years Asst. Prof., Ms. Sireesha Sali 11 Click Here
4 A study to assess the effectiveness of roasted bengal gram dhal and jaggery ball on prevention of pica among underfive children in selected villages, Nellore Asst. Prof. Mrs. Y. Jhansi Rani 15 Click Here
5 A comparitive study to assess the stress and coping strategies among employed and home- based antenatal mothers of selected urban areas at Bangalore Mrs. Gowri Pyla 19 Click Here
6 A study to assess the knowledge regarding antenatal exercises among staff nurses and nursing students in NMCH , Nellore. Andhra Pradesh Ms. Dharani 25 Click Here
7 A study to assess the effectiveness of preparatory information booklet on knowledge regarding lifestyle modifications among patients subjected to hemodialysis in Vijaya Hospital, Nellore Ms. Jhansi Rani 29 Click Here
8 Correlation between BMI and hypertension in non coastal areas of Nellore Mrs. K. Kantha 33 Click Here
9 A study to assess the prevalence of major health problems among elderly at selected old age home with a view to develop information booklet on management of major health problems. Mrs. BNP Kumari 36 Click Here
10 O To identify the factors associated with nosocomial infection among health workers Mrs. Bhuvaneshwari. D 41 Click Here